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egg production chicken houseTo farm eggs you will need a layer house - this is a poultry house specifically designed for layers (hens that are kept for egg production). While such a chicken house is similar to a broiler chicken house there are some key differences. The main difference in the structure of the house is the height of the chicken coop. A layer house needs to be higher than a broiler house - this is so that the hens in the top tier layer cages are not too close to the roof. A chicken house without insulation can get very hot - especially near the steel roof sheeting. Even if you install roof insulation it is advisable to have a high roof. The layers will live in the house for longer than a year - and need all the coolness that they can get. The other key difference is the distance that the poultry curtains drop.


The winched curtains should be able to lower just about all the way to the floor. This is how the curtains will stay for most of the laying cycle. This allows air to easily circulate throughout the house and helps a lot with cooling. In very hot climes it is advisable to install poultry fans. The yellow door layer house does not come with fans and you will need to add them as an optional extra. The other key difference between a layer house and a broiler house is the width. All our broiler poultry production units come in 3m and 6m widths. All of the layer production units have an extra meter added - this is to allow a layer cage to be installed, and allow enough room around and between the battery cages to push an egg trolley for egg collecting. Layer units with nest boxes also need extra space for the same reason.


Layer houses are designed to be used with or without layer cages - you can use nest boxes in place of layer cages if you wish to do free range eggs or organic eggs. Battery cages are used by most poultry farms involved in egg production - although in Europe they are banned for cruelty issues. Each layer cage bay can hold up to 7 hens - although 5 is recommended. For instance in a 30m long  x 7m wide layer house with a  3 tier layer cage unit (battery cages) will fit 20 x 3 tier units - 24 units per cage so if you place 5 birds per cage you will fit 2400 laying hens in the chicken house.

While setting up the layer house seems to be the most important thing there are other considerations when farming eggs. How will you carry your eggs to the packing and sorting room? How will you grade your eggs into different weights? How will you clean your eggs?. How will you candle your eggs (the practise of shining a bright light into the egg to determine the quality) When farming with a few hundred hens these are not big issues - but when you have several thousand chickens these processes become very important - with labour costs rising remember you will need to handle, pack, clean and weigh every eggs - and in a chicken house that has 2400 hens that means 2200 odd eggs a day!


The Yellow door layer house is supplied with all the poultry equipment you need to run a profitable chicken farm. You will be supplied with cages, or nest boxes, thermometers, header tank and automatic nipple drinking system, troughs to feed the birds in layer cages, or tube feeders if you are using nest boxes. The chicken houses come standard with a winched curtaining system on both lengths of the poultry house, made of UV resistant 550 GSM curtaining material.


You will need to organise a few things before we come out and build your chicken house - the ground will need to be level, you will need to throw a concrete slab (we can do it but it is cheaper to use local builders, or do it yourself). You will need to have electricity (although we can build the steel structure using a generator - petrol costs to your account) You will need to have running water on the site - so we can test the drinking systems, and for us to live. You will need to give us accommodation - nothing fancy, as long as it is dry and clean. The further you want to build the house from our base in Pretoria the more the transport costs will be! - we will quote you when you send us a request.

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